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BTC mining with no limits

NFT Mining means twice as much BTC for the same mining speed, stable hashrate on any device and BTC withdrawals in less than an hour!

New revolutionary type of BTC mining without limits! Collect NFT, get a stable hashrate on any device. Be among the first and catch your chance!

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The world's first browser with mining features
Boost your revenue up to 8 times with our new mining solution

Please welcome CryptoTab Browser, the world's first web browser with built-in bitcoin mining and up to 8 times better revenue compared to mining with Google Chrome extension.

Download and setup usually take less than a minute.
A simple and effective mining solution
We created the CryptoTab browser to offer you a simple yet extremely effective mining solution that requires neither specialist knowledge nor investment. Start using CryptoTab browser for your everyday needs and invite new users into your mining network.
It is an incredibly lightweight and fast browser
Built-in CryptoTab mining features
User-friendly customizable
One hand navigation
Sync data across all of your devices

Earn money while just using your browser as usual

Mine bitcoins on your own and invite friends if you want to make your income bigger!

CryptoTab Browser mining speed
Google Chrome mining speed

A much more effective mining solution compared to browser add-ons

The mining engine built into the browser ensures a more efficient use of your computer's resources, helping you earn up to 8 times faster.

Keep the browser window active on screen for much better mining performance

Mining speed is many times higher when the browser window is active. We recommend you to use CryptoTab browser for everyday needs like favorite websites surfing, watching movies online, etc.

CryptoTab Browser uses CPU resources more efficiently when the browser window is active and you can get more earnings with the same comfort of computer usage.

Unique built-in mining algorithm
We have developed a one-of-a-kind mining algorithm allowing you to mine and earn BTC on any available device — be it your phone or a PC. Sounds amazing, right? Use the browser as usual and get bitcoins without any investments.
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Extra BTC with Affiliate Program
Don't want to mine yourself? We have a solution! Invite your friends to use CryptoTab Browser and get huge referral fees up to the 10th level! Start with a couple of people, build a powerful mining network, and get a stable passive BTC income.
Everyday payouts, no commissions
Order withdrawals of your BTC every day with the balance updated every 10 minutes. You are allowed to connect multiple mobile devices to the same account.

Watch brief explanation video

Watch this short promo video to learn more about how CryptoTab works.
Try out CryptoTab Browser and enjoy extremely fast web surfing in conjunction with the powerful mining
Download and setup usually takes less than a minute.
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Use one of your social accounts to sign in

Get access to CryptoTab right from your mobile device

We have created a fast and lightweight mobile browser with user friendly interface and incredible built-in features. Manage your CryptoTab account right from your mobile device - check your balance, make withdrawals anytime you want, invite new users to your network, etc.

Have questions about CryptoTab Browser?

Check our FAQ to clarify your vision about CryptoTab Browser and its possibilities.
How to set up a mining account? Open CryptoTab Browser, find CryptoTab icon on the toolbar and click on it. In the opened mining screen you should find "settings" item in the right drop-down menu. There you can link CryptoTab Browser to your social network account. It will save your data and earnings in case of clearing browser's cache, reinstallation of operational system or computer crash. It is highly recommended! How can I make mining work non-stop? With CryptoTab Browser running, you will be mining Bitcoins as long as your browser window is open and mining mode is on. At the same time, you can always increase your mining results if you participate in our referral program and invite as many friends as you can to install CryptoTab Browser. You will get additional commission from their mining activity and boost your earnings. Should I always keep mining mode active? Not necessarily, it only depends on how much you are willing to earn. The more friends you invite using your personal referral link, the more Bitcoins you mine. Can I get paid in Bitcoins only or any other cryptocurrencies? As of now, we can only pay you in Bitcoins and in order to do so, you will need a Bitcoin wallet. A Bitcoin wallet is a piece of software that contains the “keys” and the address that allows you to send and receive bitcoins. How can I withdraw Bitcoins? To withdraw your Bitcoins, you will be asked to login with one of your social network accounts. This is requested for security reasons to protect your access and make it possible to recover your ID, if needed. How does your referral program work? Our referral program is a way of getting more and more people to make referrals to our CryptoTab software. All you need to do is to refer as many friends as you can through your personal referral link available in CryptoTab Browser. If your friend uses your link and installs CryptoTab Browser, both you and your friend will be rewarded and you will get additional income from your friend’s mining activity.
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